Try flexfringe online!

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I have built a small docker container with a web interface to a recent version of flexfringe. You can find it at

It is a bit underwhelming at the moment as you can only specify heuristic/datatype and sinkcount parameters. You can use the help page option to see what you are missing out on and go ahead get a recent version from the flexfringe repository.

The input are trace files of the form

num_of_lines alphabet_size
label length symbol1 … symboln

If you don’t have a file in the right format handy, try some of these:

Please don’t upload any sensitive data, the plot and dot output shown are just from the last run as there is no session handling whatsoever. The connection duration is capped at 180 seconds, so any computation and plotting that takes longer will cause problems displaying correctly.

I am a PhD student in the SEDAN group at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust in Luxembourg.

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